Zack Snyder Reveals Another BvS/Star Wars Crossover Picture

by Joshua Raynor
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He’s done it again.  Zack Snyder recently released another Batman v Superman/Star Wars crossover picture.  About a week ago, Snyder released a picture of Henry Cavill’s Superman holding a lightsaber and wearing a cloak.


As you can see, by the red blade and the dark clothing, his is most likely a Sith Lord.  Or perhaps a Super Sith Lord?  But, what’s cool about this pic is that you can actually see a small bit of the Superman costume peeking through.

And then, over the weekend, this was released:


This image depicts the Dark Knight going for a leisurely stroll with none other than R2-D2.  I find this intriguing because Star Wars is now owned by Disney, who also happens to own DC’s biggest rival, Marvel.

Now, obviously Zack Snyder is just having a bit of fun with these pictures.  There’s no chance we’re going to see Batman or Superman, or any other DC character for that matter, in an upcoming Star Wars film.

To prove that Snyder was just having a little fun, on-set still photographer Clay Enos (the man responsible for the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman glamour shots we’ve already seen), tweeted a shot he took of Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder setting up his Dark Knight/Jedi crossover…standing over two models using nothing but his camera phone.



I enjoy what Snyder is doing here and look forward to more crossover pics.  Perhaps his next one will be Wonder Woman/Chewbacca…

I can’t believe I actually found a picture of this

Yeah, try getting that image out of your head.

Batman v Superman is set to hit theater everywhere on May 6, 2016


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