Play Arts Kai Variants of Darkseid and Hawkman from Square Enix

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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Official images of Square Enix upcoming Play Arts Kai Variants of Darkseid and Hawkman have been released. Both figurines are extremely detailed and come with an additional head and extra set of hands. Hawkman’s figure also includes a mace, axe and knife accessories.

FIG-KAI-7866_01 FIG-KAI-7867_02

Both figures are expected to hit shelves this December. The prices vary for each figure, Darkseid will cost $103.00 and Hawkman $127.00. Here are some photos from each of the figures, starting with Darkseid.
FIG-KAI-7866_02 FIG-KAI-7866_03 FIG-KAI-7866_06 FIG-KAI-7866_04 FIG-KAI-7866_05

Here are some images of Hawkman’s figure:

FIG-KAI-7867_01 FIG-KAI-7867_03 FIG-KAI-7867_04 FIG-KAI-7867_05

What do you think of each of the figures? Do you have any of the Play Arts Kai Variants of any DC Comics characters? Let us know in the comments section.

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