New Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots in Astonishing HD

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Finally, we have more in-game screenshots of the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham Knight, that serves as sequel to one of the greatest hits in last-gen and next-gen consoles: Batman: Arkham City.

The most new installment in the series is not shy from including heavy vehicles like the tank in the image below. The influence of Nolan’s films is present, at least partially, introducing such class of vehicle for the Dark Knight for the first time in these games.

The military aspect of Batman’s arsenal that was present in the recent films, is also brought to life in this last installment of the franchise.

The series has offered us a glimpse into every corner of Gotham city, from the Riddler’s Riddles (no pun intended) all over the city, to the Joker’s gang of followers, from the most ruthless criminals to the unstable psychopaths at Arkham, the Arkham series of video games has proved it can be very diverse, storywise.

Remote controlled Batarangs return

Not a good place to hide from Batman


While the idea of an anti-Batman has been done before, if you recall Wrath in the recent issues of Detective Comics or Owlman from the Crime Syndicate, from what we saw in the trailers of the upcoming game, the mysterious Arkham Knight seems to be more than a challenge to the protector of Gotham.

Typical ”Where is he?” scene where Batman nicely asks an ignorant thug the location of the Big Bad.

In-game display of a final hit


Let’s see what the Arkham Knight can add to the rich world Rocksteady Studios created back in 2009.  Batman: Arkham Knight is the last installment in the Arkham series, coming to next-gen consoles and PC this 2015.

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Source: Arkhamverse

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