Square Enix Unleashes Playarts Kai The Joker

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Square Enix has recently released promotional images for their new figure on the Playarts Kai series – The Joker. The upcoming figure debuted in it’s prototype version at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Take a peek at the new figure in the images below.

As you can see, the figure comes with a knife and gun (as if the Joker wasn’t dangerous enogugh with a pencil, if you know what I mean), all of which can be attached or de-attached for exhibition purposes, the figure displays the usual set of various articulations which allows the owner to place the figure in a variety of poses.

Square Enix’s Playarts Kai figures are famous for the multiple articulations points, the array of details and the oriental touch they give to the characters brought to life.

As with the Playarts Kai Robin figure, no price or product information has been released as of yet, but DC Comics News will be there to keep you informed.


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Source: DC Collectors

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