As the marathon of INJUSTICE continues for another week both sides finally meet for battle like never before.  The higher powers intervene as Superman stands against Batman’s opposing forces who now seek to take down the power hungry superhero.

10603043_878178655533714_258235702_nThe issue does not disappoint with action coming at you from all sides. Finally we see both the forces join together and the story becomes fluid as the Gotham heroes initiate their take down plans. Canary heads off after Superman and the other forces now must back up the one shot they have at winning the fight. Tom Taylors scripting never fails to deliver on the emotions of the moment. With each of the characters hyped up for war, his poignant empathizes on speech such as Sinestros anger and Supermans rage, is wonderfully contrasted to the moving sorrow of Oracle and the composed force of the Guardian of the Lantern Corps. He portrays each of the characters to their truest form and also to the strengths and weakness that come from the turbulent situation around them.

10637821_878179032200343_1815378246_nMike S. Miller filled the pages with huge blasts and explosions capturing the intensity that is happening in the issue. With the fight in full swing, there isn’t just punches being thrown but planes are shot down and Canary gets her own set of wings, though they are on loan from Batman. The stunning visual colors only make each page more dynamic, popping the bright colors of the Lantern Corps as well as the heavy, dark tonal ranges from Batman’s gear. The detailing on not only the elaborate equipment like Batman’s jet but also in the facial expressions of the characters, brings a very realistic sensation which has been present throughout the series.


10654113_878178925533687_109972712_nSeeing both sides of the field finally come together gave this issue a solid flowing story line. It was great to ultimately see the characters now merging into the parts they had been ordered to play. We are getting to see the closure of Batman’s plans and if they will truly turn out as he hopes. I really enjoyed the mixture that included everyone and gave the issue a chance to let all sides of the fight shine in their own respect, from Oracle behind the computer, the Gotham force after Superman and even how the Corps are dealing with the situation.


10585447_878178642200382_777537097_nThe artwork sometimes borders on the line of making select characters a little distorted. Each artist interprets the characters in their own way but I do like clarity. Females should be females and males should be males. Sometimes the artist can go a little too far over the line, giving very feminine characters manly attributes such as, a sharp jawline or an over muscular body. Sometimes less is more and I found that should have been the case in this issue.


With the end of year two fast approaching, this week’s INJUSTICE was yet another storm of action. It included something for everyone and finally gave the readers the explanations they had been waiting for. So stay turned as the conflict is only about to heat up and the tables that may turn.