Review: Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse #4

by Max Eber
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TINY TITANS RETURN TO THE TREEHOUSE #3 by Art Baltazar & Franco is what more comics need to aspire to be. It’s cute. It’s simple. Kids can love it. Adults can covet it. It just covers all the bases for good “general” entertainment.

Aquaman is a treasure.

Aquaman is a treasure.


This issue is splashingly good as the Titans venture down to Atlantis to look for a new treehouse. This time Aqualad and Lagoon Boy say Arthur may be able to help. The jokes are simple and recurring, such as Aquaman also having an Aqua-Cow much like the ever present Bat-Cow.  Their design for Arthur is a nice middle ground between Batman Brave & The Bold design and his main comics look.  Any book that makes Black Manta likable, let alone…not a murdering psychopath is something I need to be invested in.


Miss Martin, Beast Boy and Offspring get an adorable little sub-plot, mostly revolving around them realizing their boat is Offspring.

Tiny Titans - Return to the Treehouse 004-011


Uh, it’s too short? That’s really it. These are great little “episodes” of the team looking for a replacement treehouse and it’s as simple as that. So far Superman, Shazam, and Aquaman have come up short. Who will help the Titans next (and probably fail to deliver)? I can’t wait to see!


I love this series so much. It’s so cute, so simple, and so effective. Some people may think it too simple, but I adore it. You should pick up you know, like 50 copies. Give it to everyone. Seriously.


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