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This week’s issue of SENSATION COMICS centers around Wonder Woman’s origin story. The familiar legend retells the life of the Amazon princess and how she became the hero the world came to love.

1Jason Bischoff has the honor of telling Wonder Woman’s origins in a short 23 page story. The most comical scripting is a huge compassion to other depictions of the legend. More on the “cute” side of writing, the story was told from Hippolyta perspective, though still focused on the antics of Diana as a child warrior in training. I think it was a clever twist on a classic and it can be tricky reinventing an icon. The moral of story has been a constant positive factor to the SENSATION COMICS series, that you can do anything if you believe in yourself. I loved that Diana was told from early on that to be a true hero she would have to defeat the Queen. It was a playful theme throughout the issue and really highlighted how strong a female warrior can be.

5David Williams and Wendy Brooke splashed the pages in artwork. The cartoon impression to the issue worked well with the comical script and Brooke’s vibrant colors added to the child-like nature that was portrayed. It’s not personally a favourite art style for Wonder Woman, but given that the comic is a lighter tone and about her adolescent years, the artwork compliments the scripting wonderfully. With giant panels and well placed speech bubbles you don’t get that overcrowding feeling that some comics can over do.


2I really enjoyed the story as a new take on Diana’s ascension into Wonder Woman. The female heroin perspective is extremely strong with each writer who takes up an issue of SENSATION COMICS and I’m glad to see once again that message behind the story. The issue really does make you fall in love with Wonder Woman once again, with the passion and respect she has for not only her people but for her duty to herself as well. The hilarious moments when she challenges Hippolyta randomly around the island, make the whole issue worth reading. They will definitely make you laugh and see the Wonder Woman in a more relatable light. Who hasn’t chased after someone as a kid with a pretend sword? Maybe Jason Bischoff wanted to remind us that there was a little amazon in all of us.


4As much as the artwork suited the issue, it’s not a style I think of when Wonder Woman comes to mind. More striking and heavily detailed picture were lost in panels with basic shaped outlines and blocks of heavy color. Though the more portrait styled panels have beautiful feminine features, I found that if the panel was larger or had more in it, then the panel would lack a lot of the work that could have been captured. Telling the story from Hippolyta’s point of view was interesting but I would have liked to have seen a bit more of her life and how Diana interrupted it. This story was a very heart-warming comic and missed the danger and worry that Diana caused to the Queen.


Something out of the ordinary for Wonder Woman, this week’s SENSATION COMICS has a story everyone can enjoy.  Even the greatest of heroes were children once and that not every moment was forged in the heat of battle for the Amazon Princess.




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