Geoff Johns on Justice League Future, Upcoming ‘Darkseid War’ and More

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Geoff Johns recently sat down with IGN for an interview before he departed to sign Forever Evil comics in Los Angeles, Ca. Johns who has developed his career in DC Comics from one of the best writers in the industry to current Chief Creative Officer since 2010, talked about his current run on Superman, the future of the Justice League flagship title and Forever Evil’s impact on the current DC Universe.

Luthor and a Brave New World

I know what you did last summer Batman

About Lex Luthor, Johns clearly admitted Luthor was intended to be a main character during Forever Evil.

”Luthor, by far. I think that was always the plan, to put Lex Luthor in a more complicated spot in the DC Universe. So the whole story was designed to force Luthor to step up and save the world and experience all these emotions that we’ve never seen him experience in a way that would dot his journey the Justice League. I think that’s the biggest ramification. I like when the ramifications are about characters instead of things, so for me I’m really proud of that story that David and I did. This could have been called Lex Luthor: Forever Evil.” – Johns said when asked about Luthor and his role in the event.

It is a brave new world with Luthor now holding the identity of the Batman in his hands.

Currently working as the head writer in Justice League, Johns left dully noted that a new events is soon to come, the long teased Darkseid War which will see our heroes in the middle of a battle between gods of the DC Universe: Darkseid against the Anti-Monitor. The event will not be a line-wide story like Forever Evil and will only take place on the current JL title.

All of this will take place in 2015, but not before the Justice League’s newest member earns his paycheck and the team’s trust, we are talking about Lex Luthor. Yes! Lex Luthor, member of the Justice League, when Luthor stepped up during Forever Evil to save the day, his actions did not go unnoticed and therefore in an excellent twist of storytelling, with Luthor taking a new approach at life, he will be joining the league.

However Luthor’s life is not an easy life, as Johns explained sins from Lex’s past will come to haunt his perfect new world. And what about Superman, what can he think about Luthor on the league, let’s just said he should be practicing the famous line: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

According to Johns, the dynamic between Batman and Luthor will be explored as a main plot point in the next arc of Justice League – this may be the new world’s finest

The roster for Justice League will see the addition of other interesting members. What happened to Power Ring’s ring after his demise in Forever Evil? We will find that out as a new Power Ring comes into play as a member of the League. Johns also stated our beloved Green Lantern will return to the league, but who or when is yet to be revealed, Johns did not want to spoil the whole thing during the interview – and that is very well appreciated.




Superman and Ulysses

Having respect for his fellow writers, Johns willfully re-read all the material from Action Comics in the New 52 to start his current run in Superman with a blast. While stories with analogues of Superman have been done before, Johns stated he will use the plot device with a fresh take on it. Working alongside John Romita Jr., he is decided to focus on the human side of Superman and what’s super about it by bringing a Superman analogue who is actually human but does not consider himself as one of them: Ulysses. They both may be Supermen, but Johns points out important differences between the characters.

Ulysses doesn’t sleep; he doesn’t dream. Clark does sleep; he does dream. – Said Johns.

Johns expresses his enthusiasm about working with Romita and the rest of team in the Superman title and that he wouldn’t go back to a character like Superman if it weren’t to tell great stories like they are planning to do.

So what do you think about Lex Luthor in the Justice League? Is Luthor really trying to be a hero or is just part of a grand plan? What is Luthor going to do about Batman now that he knows the identity of the caped crusader? Do you like Superman now that Johns is on the title?

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Source: IGN

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