GOTHAM: Episode 3 Synopsis Released

‘Spoiler Alert’

FOX has revealed the first description for the third episode of Gotham with information referencing the villainous Balloonman and The Penguin’s plans for the city which Detective James Gordon is trying to protect.

Metal Men issue 24


Gotham detectives James Gordon and Harvey Bullock attempt to track a vigilante in the city who is murdering corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot who will later be known as The Penguin, gets a new job close to an influential figure in Gotham’s criminal underworld in the all-new “The Balloonman” episode of Gotham, airing Monday, Oct. 6 (8:00/9:00 et/pt) on FOX.

Gotham premiers Monday, Sept. 22nd (8:00/9:00 et/pt) on FOX.


Source(s): Comic Book Movie