Review: Arrow Season 2.5 #1

by David Hestand III
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Arrow’s back folks!  The team behind our live-action Arrow is bringing us a new digital-first tie-in that shows us how we got from Season 2 to 3.  And we start off at 3,000 feet!  Let’s see if our first issue worth the price of admission.


Arrow 2.5 1_2A lot of the fun of Arrow right on your digital comic-reading device!  Cool action and we feel right at home with the Team Arrow dynamic we all know and love.  We pull some classic Arrow-moments, like Roy’s dislike of the name Speedy, and a far more important one:  Olliver used a boxing glove arrow.  And in true Arrow fashion, had a little fun with just how ridiculous the concept is.  Trick arrows are always a welcome part of Arrow, whether it is on the colored page or the live-action screen.


Arrow 2.5 1_4We open with the traditional episode opening monologue.  I can forgive them if this is a one-time thing, but if this opens every arc, then it will get old quite fast.  After the monologue, we get a few pages of a guy witnessing his drunken father kill his mother and then commit suicide.  While it’s obviously set-up for later things, it’s also really difficult to sympathize with this character we just met.

If one of your needs in an Arrow comic is that everyone looks just like they do on television, you will be disappointed.  Most everyone is recognizable, but no one is as similar as you are probably hoping.


Arrow Season 2.5 is a fun ride so far and it succeeds most when it is standing on the legs of Team Arrow, but even when it steps away from that it is not much of a misstep at all.  Fans of the show will surely enjoy this installment.


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