Did Gotham and Arrow Crossover?

by Nikki Fleming
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dollmakerGotham writer Bruno Heller has teased about the show possibly crossing over with Arrow in the future, but could it be starting now? Some things popped out in the second episode of Gotham that made people wonder. To start off, the Queen Consolidated logo was seen in the skyline of Gotham City.



We also have two crazy people working for Dollmaker and kidnapping kids. In the second season of Arrow, we seen Barton Mathis, who used a paralytic drug to help  him turn his victims into dolls, just like his father did. With the timeline of Gotham being set before Batman, that would make the Dollmaker in Gotham Mathis’s father, Wesley Mathis. In the comics, we saw Gordon kill Toymaker and then meet his son Barton, who was then shipped off to foster care. Could this be a upcoming story line for Gotham?

Source: Moviepilot.com

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