‘Arrow’ Season 3 Premiere Sneak Peek

What has Team Arrow been up to since the season 2 finale? Find out in the recently released sneak peek of Arrow‘s season 3 premiere.


It’s been months since we last saw Team Arrow standing on the rocky coast of Lian Yu, five months to be exact. In this exclusive clip, we see Oliver speed through the city as he makes dinner plans for his date with Felicity. She’s had quite the career trajectory; from IT girl, to executive assistant, to costumer sales representative at Tech Alliance. Of course, we don’t exactly know how Felicity ended up with this new gig, since in the Arrow Season 2.5 comics, she was shown as working for Kord Industries, but something tells me she won’t be working at Tech Alliance for long.

Even with her new job, she manages to run facial recognition to track down Starling City’s worst. Criminals are on the run, but not for long. Captain Lance, formerly Officer/Detective Lance, goes in for a knock out punch, and The Arrow finishes him off. You can watch the sneak peek below:



It seems like everything is coming up Ollie, but with a premiere ominously titled, “The Calm,” we can expect for it to be short-lived.

Arrow premieres Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.


Sources: The Hollywood Reporter