DC Comics News Presents: The Watchtower (Week 2)

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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Welcome to The Watchtower, a new weekly series from DC Comics News. For those of you who don’t understand the name, let me explain. The Watchtower is the headquarters for the Justice League. It’s a cool little nod to the comic and Justice League cartoon from Bruce Timm.

Every Monday, we will ask a certain question and on the following Monday, the best responses will be featured in that installment. To answer the question of the week, use the hashtag: #DCNTower

Last week, we asked you, “Who is your favorite member from the Justice League and why?”  Here are some of your responses:

“Batman because he always has a back up plan” – Gonzo Gamez

“Aquaman! Because he can control the seven seas and communicate with sea life telepathically. As a side note (for those non readers)he can also fight crime on land as well.” – Mari Ann Noris

“Green Arrow, why??? because he is the most “human” he has no super powers, he isn’t the worlds greatest detective… He is just a man trying to make a difference… he makes mistakes, he gets his behind handed to him many times, but he is determined he perseveres and just keeps going. He is concerned about social justice, he is the liberal progressive hero, he looks up for the little guy and average joe, he doesn’t back down when the odds are against him… He is witty and sarcastic and it doesn’t hurt he marries probably the hottest woman in comics, a woman of strong character herself and she is one of the best hand to hand combatants in the DCU (Black Canary) being my second favorite.” – John Muldoon


“Shazam, because I’ve liked him since childhood, plus he trumps Supes.” –Andy Robinson

“Superman cause of his morality kindness and optimistic and friendly personality he has inspires the good in people” – Michael Wayman


Thank you all for your amazing answers!
With Gotham‘s third episode airing tonight, The Flash and Arrow premiering this week, and Constantine later this month, our question of the week is:

Who would you want to see in their own DC Comics television show and why?

Remember to add #DCNTower to your answer.
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