The beginning of Endgame.

by Daryl Keogh
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With the release of Batman #35 a new story line for the Dark knight begins. Endgame brings new friends and old enemies to the fray and for Batman it involves a wide array of characters to look at and keep an eye on.
Starting from issue 35 of Batman writers Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are taking Batman on one of his wildest and action packed runs yet. Even the first issue has more action than any fan could dream of. Snyder and Capullo have Batman facing off against Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash and a number of his allies from the Justice League.
When asked what villains fans will see from #35 Snyder said “I promise there will even be somebody of that eclectic background reinvented but also his major rogues and allies in various ways. You’ll see people you hope would be and expect to be, and also people who will surprise in fun ways.”
Issue #35 will bring Batman back to the present after spending some time in “Zero Year”, another run from Snyder and Capullo. And they seem to have no plans in leaving, with Batman being one of the most popular comic series run in recent times Snyder and Capullo said “Honestly, our policy has always been that we would stay as long as fans would rent us a room in Gotham and like having us there.”

Endgame begins in issue #35 which is available from Wendsaday the 8th of this month.

Source:  USA Today

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