Review- EARTH 2 #27

by Kate Kane
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A twisted fusion of worlds finally comes together in Earth 2 as Power Girl and Huntress find their way home. Joining the alternative heroes, Batman, Superman and Red Tornado, the ladies help them answer a close by distress call.

4With the fusion of the “World’s Finest” arc now being added into Earth 2, Tom Taylor and Marguerite Bennett have taken the young duo back into the world which they originated from. It’s not easy moving the story lines back and forth between writers but it’s very clear that these writers take on the challenge well. They give immense attention to detail for not only the characters’ dialogue but their attitudes as well. Having read all of “World’s Finest,” I was glad to see the girls have come full circle and cannot wait for them to continue their story in Earth 2. With witty dialogue, the writers really know how to capture the real essence of all the characters especially in the panels of Batman. I also love how the stoic hero is exactly how Batman should be written with no words needed most of the time, just that epic scowl.

6Contrasts of reds and blues are a constant theme throughout the issue. It shows danger against salvation setting the mood for the fight that is taking place. Large panels dominate with huge splashes of colour and details really emphasizing the superhero nature of the characters. With a plethora of artists assigned to this story, we see just how so many talented people are able to work together to create this one issue. It shows not only in the quality of work but in everything from the pencils to the inking and coloring.


3The combination was fantastic as both forces untied once more. The issue was very well scripted and much praise to the writers for taking on such a big task. It had wonderful balances of humour and seriousness as well as the good chunk of fist fighting thrown into the mix. I found the issue really smooth to read and even the flashbacks had a great point to the story. The coloring by Peter Pantazis made the panels really shine, with huge dollops of color giving the characters that real superhero appearance that makes you believe that they are something much stronger and braver than the average person.


5The one thing that bugged me was at the end of the issue, when Kara and Val reunite. I must admit having followed the girls through their story, to see Kara suddenly find “love” in the all of five minutes with Val, put me off the character a little. It felt like they were just paired up because they knew each other as children, briefly, and because they were Kryptonians. There is the saying that you can see someone across a crowded room and fall in love but it seems that the quote is being stretched here. It has been pushed to seeing someone and falling in love across years and worlds. I just hope it’s not a case of romance for the sake of romance.


Earth 2 kicks back into gear with the whole team back together. Fighting alongside family and friends, the two forces of heroes are now able to take on anything that threatens their world. So stay tuned for what appears to be a new force of flying fighters ready to give this troop a run for its money.




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