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Wonder Woman returns in a hilarious issue of SENSATION COMICS this week with the charming Catwoman dropping in for some amusing chaos. The typical Gotham  based villain is giving Wonder Woman a hard time by doing what she does best, being a captivating thief.

4Massive love goes out to Ollie Masters for this hilarious scripting. It’s not often you see Wonder Woman paired against Catwoman but this little story absolutely nailed both the characters and the situation they have gotten into. After a few bad eggs with this comic series, it was great to finally be reading something I really enjoyed again. I love the little inside jokes slipped in and the ever seductive nature that Catwoman just oozes even with the more cartoonish artwork. She never changed her personality and Wonder Woman as well, kept to her unique self. It was great to see the two ladies skilfully try to outwit each other without having to use fists and kicks but with charm and distractions instead. Masters has really done something quirky and unique with these ladies and I think it was a very clever twist to the short story.

6Through the artwork is on the more cartoonish side, it fitted the gag-like nature of the story perfectly. Overly bright colors where delivered by Amy Mebberson as she captured all elements of the situation in the issue. I have loved her Pocket Princess comic strips and to see her work on an iconic DC piece made me have a small girly scream. From dragons, to ladies, to loot, Mebberson took it all and made it pop. With an almost 3D effect to most of the backgrounds and environments it gave the comic a whole new level of depth to contrast against the primary colored characters. Even the cartoonish style of both Wonder Woman and Catwoman matched them so well. Wonder Woman still has her serious demeanor with a few cheeky smiles while Catwoman smoldered in most of the panels only have a shot of crazy added to the mix.


5So many positive aspects with this but I think the story trumps all! It was such a cute little rendition and the coffee bit just had me in stitches. It’s rare to see Wonder Woman crossed with villains from Gotham but when it happens it’s pure gold. This issue was definitely one of my favorite little stories the Greek Goddess has been involved in and gave a wonderful new twist into the funnier side of Selina Kyle. Both fantasy and realistic elements balanced the issue with Wonder Woman’s unintentional attraction for monsters being displayed, then on the other hand the superheros are doing something normal as if friends for years and years.


2As much as I liked the fantasy element, the dragon was slightly random. I get the Golden Fleece, that I can believe but where did a hulking red dragon come from? I know it is in the original myth but assuming the Fleece was in the Museum, has that thing been hiding above London this entire time or is it just me?


Back to the good stuff, SENSATION COMICS is now on track for making more epic adventures with Wonder Woman. As Catwoman moves out of the story I can’t wait to see she is either working with or against next, so stay tuned for another chapter in the legacy of Wonder Woman.




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