Fans of DC worldwide have been waiting a long time for the gauntlet to be thrown. Today WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara threw that gauntlet by announcing a five-year plan for DC Entertainment moving forward. Sixteen movies were officially announced with some rumors being confirmed and a few extra surprises.



After a long wait, a Justice League project was confirmed. Tsujihara also made a note that the Justice League film will be split into two parts. The first of the two coming in 2017 and the follow-up in 2019. Zack Snyder will be at the helm of the Justice League project and DC Comics News will be bringing you all with rumors, discussions, and debate that will come with the announcement.

Other than Justice League, quite a few other projects were announced as well. Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and a new Green Lantern are all soon going to be in the works.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad and Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the two movies coming in 2016. Seeing both DC projects hit in the same year is going to be something special. In an age where DC is dominating the small screen, it will be refreshing to see the transfer to the silver screen.

The following year will bring us Wonder Woman and the much-anticipated Justice League.

My personal favorite hero is Flash. 2018 is going to be an experience I have wanted for years. The Flash and Aquaman are both on the docket. Jason Momoa was also finally officially confirmed to play Aquaman and it seems Ezra Miller could be playing the Scarlet Speedster. “Fans among the world will become more acquainted with [The Flash] through our hit show on The CW,” said Tsujihara of marketing The Flash.

Surprisingly, Shazam won’t be released until 2019. Many fans thought it would be much earlier in relation to Dawn of Justice. Justice League 2 will also be released, it looks like after Shazam.

2020 will bring new projects for Cyborg and Green Lantern. Nothing was confirmed about the Green Lantern revolving around Hal Jordan or a different member of the Lantern roster. I would like to see a more hardened John Stewart that would maybe make his debut in the second installment of Justice League.


2016: Dawn of Justice
2016: Suicide Squad
2017: Wonder Woman
2017: Justice League
2018: The Flash
2018: Aquaman
2019: Shazam
2019: Justice League pt. II
2020: Cyborg
2020: Green Lantern

“I’ve been with the company for over 20 years and I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt more confident about our future. We’re committed to maintaining and enhancing the great legacy of Warner Bros., the world’s most iconic and profitable studio,” Tsujihara said.

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Source: Comicbook & Batman-News



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