Review: Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 “Sara”

by David Hestand III
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Arrow took quite a somber turn this week, and I am not ashamed to admit I got a little misty eyed in some of the proceedings.  It’s nice to see that Arrow can still get in touch with its emotions without wallowing in them too much, as evidenced by the well timed humor and action in the episode.

Our big Season 3 mystery is whodunnit, and the question is on everybody’s mind.  Some were thinking Komodo, others were saying Merlyn.  Many are in the Ra’s boat, but his status as “supposed” big-bad of the season is leaving everyone guessing as to the road ahead.  Before we check in with our emotional statuses, let’s have a quick recap.

In the wake of Sara’s murder, everyone is on the hunt for the killer, most of all Laurel.  Ollie goes to replay the sequence and Felicity confronts Dr. Palmer about his attempts to hire her.  As the hunt for a new archer in town continues, we get a cool archery duel near the finale, and and a three-way showdown in Queen Consolidated at a party.  Not a lot really moved forward plot wise, but plot was not the point in this aftermath episode.

Laurel was easily the most emotional of the bunch, showing both heartbreak and a new intensity at losing her sister a second time.  Her new focus is helping me buy the Black Canary personality, but let’s still get her in the ring with Wildcat first.  Oliver took on the haunted and stoic form of mourning.  His particularly interested me, as we all were expecting some sort of a break in him.  I for one am tremendously glad that break went to Diggle.  Felicity drove a lot of the emotion home this week, as she’s long since shown that she is the “heart” on the team.

One thing that was brought up that I love personally was how often Sara was referred to as family by the members of Team Arrow.  This show is slowly but surely transforming Team Arrow, into the Arrow Family, and it is a joyous ride to be with them on.

Reference and Easter Egg Check:

Felicity referred to Sara as an “Amazonian Warrior.”  Sound familiar?

Felicity also referred to Sara’s death as a “Death in the Family.”  Reference?  Maybe.  More importantly it ties into that whole Arrow Family thing.

5th and Lemire:  Lemire is the last name of the writer who brought Komodo into existence last year in Green Arrow comics.  His Green Arrow run is very well received.

Thomas Weston was a Colonel connected to AmerTek in the comics.  Organization first appeared in Steel #1.


Brandon Routh is a great addition to the show.  He’s doing an excellent job of bringing Ray to life and his almost larger than life personality from last week was dialed down nicely for this weeks more somber outing.  The emotion from the cast regarding Sara’s death was well handled throughout, and the usage of that to help Oliver (attempt to) reconnect with Thea was excellently done as well.  That was a great addition to help the Season’s story flow quite smoothly.

While I liked how the reveal of Sara’s death was handled, it was nowhere near as chilling as Oliver replaying the scene on the rooftop, especially when Diggle came to talk to him.  That final “I don’t want to die down here,” line was so well delivered.  The relationship between Diggle and Oliver is one of the best things to come out of this show, and moments like this one remind us why.

I was also a big fan of the choreography of the fight at the party.  Very cool to see Roy using the batons (or whatever you want to call his non-bow weapon used there).


Komodo was sadly underdeveloped this week.  That, coupled with his costume’s similarity to League dress made him really not stand out much.  The worst offending scene was the motorcycle fight.  I would have enjoyed that far more had I been able to tell the two archer’s costumes apart.

As much as I love Felicity, we could have used a little less focus on her emotion.  It was neither her sister nor her significant other who was murdered.  Yes, there’s the family thing, but I felt like she got more emotional focus than Oliver and Laurel.

Did we really have to keep Lance in the dark because of health issues?  I know it makes sense and all, but this was one I feel like we’ve seen a few too many time.  Hopefully that doesn’t last too long.

The Verdict

“Sara” was another solid outing Arrow.  The Arrow Family’s loss is powerful, and the mystery seems like it will only get better as we go on.  Next stop, Corto Maltese!




Did you guys catch any other Easter Eggs?  And who is your prime suspect?  Share your findings and murderer theories in the comments!

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