Review- SUPERGIRL #35


Gotta love that suit on Kara in this week’s Supergirl as she teams up with one of Gotham’s original bad boys. Not the conventional way of asking for help but Red Hood joins Supergirl in taking down some hideous bad guys who aren’t exactly normal.

2All I can say about that epic suit is damn. Not only does Supergirl’s costume rock but the girl knows how to do it justice. Tony Bedard has really taken this comic out of its comfort zone and taken it to a new level. With cheeky language and banter between Jason and Kara, it was nice to see the more adult adaptation shining through. Bedard gives Supergirl a real sense of morals as she takes charge of Red Hood’s situation, not only dealing with the villains of the issue but the underlying disturbance that Red Hood is hiding from everyone else, even Batman. It was a great little side story and the two had terrific balance for the short team up.

6The artwork for Supergirl only had me grasping for more with each page. The edgy bright colors and highly detailed pencilling by both Jonboy Meyers and HI-FI smashes the concept of what a comic book should be. Bold lines and sweeping movement panels encase the issue with huge splash pages to show off just how Supergirl does her thing so well. Both artists have really shinned giving Supergirl such a beautiful appearance as well as revamping Red Hood into his own element. It is hard to make sidekicks separate from the original but in Supergirl they really stand as their own.


5The stunning attention to detailed facial features and overly feminine contours really captures the issue. Supergirl just looks stunning in every panel no matter what she is doing which is exactly what you would expect of a superhero from another planet. I also thought the costume sung the praise of a strong feminine outfit. Once just a lycra suit, she now has a little more solidarity behind the outfit which compliments her inner strength as well. I also thought the story was very cute having sidekicks team up showing that they are just as good as the mentors that once trained them.


3As much as splash panels looks spectacular they do take up a lot of space which races though the story. It feels like they are more of a filler to balance out the short story that wraps up within the issue. With such a popular character, I always end up craving more story then I get.


With epic art and epic action Supergirl punched into this week’s issue to help out a red headed buddy. Now trying to get back to her normal life, Kara takes a moment for herself before waiting for the next super adventure.