Geoff Johns Reflects on Success of The Flash TV Show

by Jamie Robinson
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grant-gustin-as-the-flash-in-new-trailerGeoff Johns, DC Entertainment chief creative officer, says that The Flash is the most faithful superhero show to the comics.

“When I say, ‘It’s the most comic book show ever,’ I mean that, because we’re fully embracing everything about ‘The Flash’ comic book and DC Comics, and putting it in here. We’re going to go for it. We’re going to have costumes. There are going to be code names. It’s going to be a superhero TV show unabashedly. We’re not winking at being a superhero show — it’s a full-on superhero show.”

Johns says this new show is one the whole family can enjoy, as it has a lighter and more hopeful tone to it.

“My nieces can watch it. It’s a superhero show that’s for everybody. One of my favorite things about superheroes like Flash and Superman, and the more optimistic, bright heroes is that they are for everyone.”

Johns also hints at villains who might show up. Those who have seen the show already know to expect Reverse-Flash, and behind-the-scenes photos were previously released of the character. Gorilla Grodd will also be making an appearance.

Johns says the show holds a special place in his heart since he had previously written many Flash comics, prior to coming onto the show.

Source: Comicbook Resources

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