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Back on her home island, this week’s Sensation Comics has Wonder Woman enjoying herself as the Amazon warrior she was trained to be. Going off to find a precious treasure, her quest is interrupted by her arch nemesis Cheetah who wishes to stop the Princess from claiming her prize.

10735614_914219215262991_1580010918_nMichael Jelenic has started off this next adventure with a suburb mythic quest. I love when writer’s take us back to Wonder Woman’s heritage. I think those stories suit her the best as they really appeal to her true warrior nature. In the full swing of scaling a cliff face, Jelenic has brought back Cheetah for a bit of a ladies tussle. I like the classic matchup a lot and I find that she needs more fights with the cat lady wherever possible. It was also wonderful to see Hippolyta once again. The royal figure has been a large part of the Wonder Woman series and I very much enjoyed how she was portrayed in this issue, not so stern and commanding but calm and more nurturing towards the Amazons and Diana.

10743308_914219048596341_685627372_nDrew Edward Johnson was the great talent behind this week’s amazing artwork. Accompanied by the inking of Ray Snyder and the mind blowing color of Lizzy John, the entire issue is a tribute to the demi goddess. Nothing about the pages lacks the mythological vibe that Wonder Woman should be bathed in. I loved how feminine the characters were and the soft glowing color scheme that the pages had. Everything about the artwork was highly detailed and the giant panels really gave these three artists a chance to do some extreme action sequences. This really has picked the standard of artwork up to a whole new level of comics, especially since this is a one shot story.


10748598_914219138596332_1877559274_nI really enjoyed this issue, not only is the new story intriguing but everything from the art to the writing is very well balanced and flows through the pages easily. The way that Drew Edward Johnson draws women is incredible. This is exactly how women of noble descent should be drawn, they are every womanly fantasy embodied on this island and he really captured that in each of the characters. The colors of this issue only enhanced the story with splashes of heated yellows and oranges increasing the flames of battle. I felt like I was standing on the cliff face watching the fight it was depicted so well.


10744711_914218958596350_1832636789_nI question one thing with this issue, how in the name of the gods did Cheetah get to Themyscira? It was great to see her fighting Wonder Woman again but how did she know where she would be and then actually find the hidden island itself? Perhaps it will be explained more in the second installment but this one detail was the only negative that stuck out to me.


With this two part fight under way, Wonder Woman’s story is far from over in this Sensation Comics saga. Will the Princess manage to suppress the beast and claim her prize or will this treasure become her own undoing? Stay tuned for the second installment to this mythic tale.




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