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Lobo! Lobo! What do you do with a problem like Looooboooo? Actually there were few problems in LOBO #2 written by Cullen Bunn and art split between Reily Brown and Nelson Decastro with Allison Borges, color by Peter Pantazis and letting by Travis Lanham.


NuLobo continues his assassination assignment, and it’s apparently brought him to Earth. A sense of fun is slowly creeping into the book, with Lobo slaughtering an alien base and then exiting above the ground…from a porta-potty at a carnival. Then the worst thing happens; he gets a supporting cast! ( I know, right?)


Don't go evil. Don't double cross. Pleaseeee.

Don’t go evil. Don’t double cross. Pleaseeee.

Lobo has always been DC’s twisted Deadpool in a way (not counting Ambush Bug) in terms of outrageous presentation and sometimes fourth wall awareness. With this new prettier incarnation with an actual sad (I’m predicted) backstory (can’t be the Nu52 without drama!) I feel the right writer could really make him a fun character with a fun book much like Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn mixed with Gambit to be honest. Alien Deadpool, but pretty. There are inklings now that this is possible; humor is much higher and I’m hoping his new fellow assassins assigned to help him out when on Earth; the bald mustached Rave, cowboy hat wearing Luna, and fourteen year old Emily, stick around. These introductions are actually pretty important; both Luna and Emily are women, and both are not white. Emily is not thin. The book has suddenly jumped in representation (who would think in LOBO of all books?).

Lobo 002-009

Art is okay,  competent, looks better up close, with nice coloring. Two flashback pages drawn by Allison Borges, however, showing Lobo and his lost love, are gorgeous and take to Pantazis’ colors better than Bown and Dexastro. I would love to see her on a full book; her work looks very promising if she hasn’t been given an ongoing yet. I’d have to see how she’d do action, but from what I can tell she’s a good artist and looking forward to seeing more from her. Oh, and by the end they’re all basically fighting zombies. So yeah. This shows more promise.


Really don’t have too many if at all. Lobo’s a bit too serious and deserves a sock in the jaw, but hey he’ll get better.


This book is looking a lot more promising than the first issue, which wasn’t as fun. I’m pleasantly surprised and urge people to check it out, especially if the supporting characters stick around (fingers crossed).



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