It seems that Arrow’s on-screen version of Dinah Laurel Lance will finally be the Black Canary as she is in the comics. At the beginning of the show, the producers said that Laurel would become Black Canary sooner than people would expect and it appears that this is in the not-to-distant canary katie cassidy 1

This is not “Canary” as Sara Lance was partial to being called, this is the “Black Canary” to differentiate between the two black-clad women.

Last month, Katie Cassidy tweeted an image of herself being fitted for a cast of plaster which sparked the speculation that is was for a mask to be fitted for her and now it appears that that was the case.

It seems that after her training with Ted Grant coupled with the untimely demise of her sister, Sara in the first episode will result in Laurel becoming a vigilante herself sometime this season.

For those of you who do not know, Laurel was Oliver’s girlfriend before he left on the ship that would later sink and leave him stranded on the mysterious island of Lian Yu whose sister, Sara was aboard the ship as well. With both of them disappearing for five years, Laurel assumed the worst and was angry with Oliver as he had cheated on her with her own sister.

She initially was cold with Oliver thinking that he was the reason Sara had died (or so Oliver said), but later Sara would return black-clad and trained by Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Assassins. She rekindled her romance with Oliver and helped him to fight Slade Wilson, or Deathstroke when he took over the city.

black canary katie cassidy 2This season Sara was killed just moments after speaking with Laurel and Laurel fell back into alcoholism as she felt a need to escape. Pressured to do good as well she approached Oliver, now known to a select few as “the Arrow” about training her as he did his sidekick Roy Harper. Oliver refused and so she went to Ted Grant a boxer who may or may not have a history of crime fighting but he agreed and so she begins her road to become the girl in these pictures.

As for an announcement as to when she will don this costume on the set, we will just have to wait and speculate until we are given confirmation either from the CW or when the show airs but either way we will see one way or another.

Source: ComicBook.Com

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