Review – Justice League United #6

by Renee Montoya
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jlu 002

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Cover Art: Andrew Robinson

Artist: Neil Edwards

We find ourselves in a bunker with Miiyahbin “Equinox”, a new superhero and Ultra, an alien child, hiding from an attack force to retrieve the child.

A massive cast grace the pages, including some old familiar faces and some not so well known but deserving of page time.

With the Justice League United Team, the Legion Lost and the “villains” there is someone for everyone who picks up this issue.


The artwork was lovely once more. Hawkman’s wings look fantastic and the colourations in some of panels were just striking. The cover art was catchy, vibrant and it was great to see more of Stargirl.

jlu 003


With such a large cast, it’s much harder to follow a character with detail, meaning harder to get attached to a character without previous encounters via other series.

The sexual innuendo of Blyth and his tentacles with Supergirl was a bit off colour.

Black Mass was very cliché as was his way of finding the child, that gave this issue the feel it was aimed at a younger audience, young adult/teen.

jlu 001

Final Thought

I found myself getting a touch confused about where each sets of characters were located. It was jumpy and with so many characters I found it a touch confusing.  This series has only just started, not quite a full volume yet and I can see what it’s trying to do, I think it’s going to be one worth sticking out for a while longer still.

jlu 004



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