by Kate Kane
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This week’s Sensation Comics has wonder woman fighting against some rather strange looking creature thanks to the help of Supergirl at her side.

3Gilbert Hernandez has taken on both the artwork and scripting of this issue and as much as I hate to say it this issue was terrible. Both the story and artwork just fell completely short of the mark coming from last week’s amazing work. I was shocked to read the lack of consistency that the story had then the poor language from both Wonder Woman and Supergirl clashed with the characters completely. It was just not what you would expect from a top DC writer.

4A 12 year old child could have drawn this better as the artwork lacks any real depth. Its flat solid blocks of colour with poor anatomically incorrect drawing that leaves Wonder Woman looking like a man in drag. It’s highly disappointing and really begs me to ask how DC could have allowed this artwork to be added into this series.


No, I really can’t say that there was a positive to this series bar Supergirl working with Wonder Woman but the terrible issue has really ruined it.


6Almost everything about this issue is bad. From the artwork to the story and how shaky it is, unless you are a true Wonder Woman fan I wouldn’t bother reading this issue. It was just sad how much this lacked any integrity and really dropped the ball for the Sensation Comics series. I can see it was trying to go back to being retro but this is pushing the line to children’s drawing.


With an utterly disappointing issue Sensations Comics continues on with another two part arc on its way. Perhaps the artists involved will change but if they don’t expect another tarrying issue to come.




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