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Not all goes to plan in this week’s Injustice as Constantine finds himself in far more trouble than he had bargained for. Superman might look helpless under the rags but his faith in his team comes through to help him escape the one trap that might have just worked against him.

2With yet another shocking twist to this week’s issue as Tom Taylor loves rocking the boat with his scripting. I was surprised at the power struggle turning so quickly against Constantine and found myself wanting to help get him out of his situation. It was a powerfully written issue as Taylor shows us just how vicious some of these characters can be when they believe so strongly that their cause is the right one. I think it gives the readers a confronting look at the lines that blur between good and bad, making us wonder who is truly right at the end of the day.

4Mike S. Miller’s has only improved with each issue as the beauty of these magical characters shines with each panel. The way both Spectre and Shazam were drawn amazingly and the details in both stood out. I loved Spectre’s god-like anatomy as it added to his all-powerful judgment stance, he really could pick up a tiny human and crush them. J. Nanjan also hit the mark on all the colours, extravagant yellows of the Yellow Corp, Shazam’s reds and shining gold’s, the green hues of Spectre and Ragman and even the black sky behind them all screamed superheroes. These details are what make this comic really a pleasure to read each week.


6The artwork as always gets full ticks from me. Everything made me feel like these characters fell from the sky like gods and really captured the spirit of what superheroes should look like. The twists get better and better with each week even if I slightly knew Superman would get himself out of trouble somehow. It was still interesting to see how all the characters played a part in the scenario but I think I liked Spectre’s entrance was the best of all. He has been a really developed as a character with the story and has definitely become one of Superman’s biggest allies.


5Bleeping out the swearing was a bit odd, I can see Constantine swearing like an old Irish man but Superman using that kind of language was a bit out of character. I would say the yellow in him is starting to really seep out.


Constantine now finds himself without an ally and at the mercy of Supermans force as the battle Injustice loses more to the struggle for Earth’s future. Will Batman get to his friend in time or will Constantine be at the mercy of fear? Stay tuned for the next issue to see his fate plays out.




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