Review – WONDER WOMAN #36

by Kate Kane


With a new artist and writer Wonder Woman takes a bold new leap into a new story arc and direction. Wonder Woman is called in to help the Justice League investigate an Earthly disturbance, taking out her suspicions on Swamp Thing before returning home to an unwelcome island.

4Meredith Finch was an absolutely amazing steal for DC to write this new series. With the invigorated emotional energy she has given a new voice to the Amazon warrior along with the new artwork that compliments her beauty. I do love Diana’s sense of heart when it comes to her mission as a superhero. She takes the task very passionately and I’m glad to see that Finch has not let go of that essence in the character. The scripting is detailed and clever with hints of humour dotted through Wonder Woman’s powerful speeches both internally and to her fellow team mates. If you haven’t read anything prior of Wonder Woman, this issue was an excellent restarted introduction to her story.

6I can’t have asked for a better team to be put onto this comic. David Finch’s artwork captures the real feminist beauty that just oozes from each page. He has still given her a power stance but also the softer look yields to the beauty that a newly announced Amazon Queen should have. Sonia Oback and Richard Finch bring these pencils to life with superb amounts of colour and realism that really does justice to the name Wonder Woman. I was excited to see these veteran artists come over to DC and tackle one of the biggest names in the big trinity with such a spectacular flawlessness.


3The artwork all the way has to be what you pick this issue up for. Pinched from another company, I have watched Finch’s beauty in his female characters grow and what he has created with this new Wonder Woman is nothing short of a Goddess. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of detail in each panel, not only in the costumes but simple things like eyes and hair took on a whole new depth with all the artist really pulling together to make this something completely new.


2The short stint with Swamp Thing was a little unneeded. I felt that he was simply added into the story to show off the new Wonder Woman’s skills and to be used as a stepping stone for the story. Perhaps Poison Ivy would have given her more run for her money?


With the new Wonder Woman saga underway, what could possibly have happened to her island and was she really away for that long?  Stay tuned to find out how this new story unfolds and what will Wonder Woman do now to uphold her mother’s mantle.




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