Review: Gotham Midseason Finale

by Joey Garces
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Gotham comes to a close this year with the episode titled “Lovecraft”. This midseason finale caps off a strong month of episodes given to us and it was much-needed. There was substantial buzz during the show’s debut, how will the general public react to a “Batman” show with no Batman? As was expected there was considerable concerns for the show in its emergence, each week was either hit or miss, with no real tone of the show making itself known. Despite it’s rollercoaster season, Gotham has shown it is very capable of putting together rich storylines as we’ve seen this past month.

“Lovecraft” certainly sets the show up for new elements when it returns in January, by ending the partnership of Jim and Harvey we should see new sides of the characters as they move on without each other. Harvey has shown signs each week of redemption and a desire to become a better cop, that was most certainly due to watching Jim go week to week risking his life in the name of justice. It will be very interesting to see how Harvey reacts to not having Jim around now that Jim has been reassigned to the infamous Arkham Asylum.


The “love” triangle of Bruce/Alfred/Selina took the limelight this week and it for all the better. As far as I can see Bruce and Alfred have the most interesting relationship on the show as Alfred subtly tries to take on the fathership role with Bruce. It doesn’t help that he is a grade A badass and capable of holding his own with professional assassins. Watching him take on Copperhead and her goons was a real treat. The budding romance between Bruce and Selina was equally as fun to watch as Bruce got a real taste of the Gotham underworld.

The other interesting aspect of the show is of course the fight to be top Gotham mob boss with Fish’s meddling ways and Penguin’s schemes. I can’t wait to see it all come to a head with so many pieces in motion. Penguin has by far been one of the standout characters on the show and continues to be one of the highlights in this rollercoaster show.


Harvey Dent is even more of a putz this week, he essentially ruined he and Gordon’s plan due to his stupidity and skirts away free of consequences. He’s supposed to the “White Light” Harvey Dent but instead he’s incompetence has only gotten a man killed with the possibility of more deaths.

Also I’m really surprised the show didn’t even address the ending scene between Barbara and Montoya that they teased us with at the end of one of the episodes, it comes off as kind of lazy to me.


“Lovecraft” ended Gotham with a focus on Bruce and Alfred but set up some very interesting elements to be seen in the new year. Gordon demoted to a security guard at Arkham will certainly keep viewers entertained and the Falcone/Fish war will certainly heat things up.



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