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Sensation Comics embarks on another terrific adventure with Wonder Woman as she is thrown into a chaotic future where Darkseid’s rule has endangered two of her fellow Amazon sisters.

2Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman have created the beginning of the two part story, taking the ancient warrior far out of her comfort zone. I love the fact that they have taken a completely different approach to the comic and gone apocalyptic style as this week’s theme. It seems to be a Darkseid trend in DC that he tears the world asunder and having Wonder Woman face off in a totally new world just gave this story something unique.

4The new costume was just plain awesome and I love the diesel punk look that Gabriel Hardman has brought to the issue. It’s really gritty and dark but I think that only adds to the whole doom and gloom that the story carries. He still managed to keep the beauty of Wonder Woman and her traditionalism but with his own personal twist. It’s great when artists do this and it brings the entire story of the comic up to a new level that really makes for a great read.


5Making Darkseid into a girl was definitely something I did not see coming. I really loved how Gabriel Hardman changed that up about the original doomsday harbinger, once again adding his own personal touch to the adventure. I think changing characters is sometimes risky but this really paid off. Not only did the change suit the environmental difference but Wonder Woman always fights better against other women.


1It wasn’t really explained how and why two amazons got to this apocalyptic world. As the first half of the two part issue, I expect some answered question but this was just pure random. It made the Hippolyta look more like a god seeing between the two worlds and I felt like that could have been explained a little more to help the beginning of the story flow.


With a new world there always comes new dangers in this week’s Sensations Comics. With Wonder Woman now in serious trouble how will she find her sisters and escaped this doomed alternate reality?




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