Future Possible Metahumans in The Flash TV Show

Grant Gustin Barry Allen Flash tv show costumeOn Tuesday’s episode of The Flash, Dr. Wells mentioned several names as casualties of his particle accelerator explosion. The list of potential victims includes:
-Ralph Dibny
-Al Rostein
-Grant Emerson
-Will Everett
-Beatrice da Costa

These 5 names could be better remembered as the alter-egos of the following 5 superheroes respectively:
-Elongated Man
-Atom-Smasher aka Nuklon
-Amazing Man

Could this mean we could see these heroes helping Flash on the show? If there’s anything about Dr. Wells, he sure is shady, so it is unclear yet if these characters are still alive. It is a strong possibly, however, given the announcement of Robbie Amell playing Firestorm aka Ronnie Raymond, who at this point in the show, everyone believes is dead.
If and when these characters make it to the screen, could they form some sort of Justice League or Justice Society with Flash? Only time will tell.

Source: dctvuniverse