What’s In Store For Arrow

by Julian Bartlett
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Since the epic mid-season finale of Arrow people have been going crazy for answers. Is Ollie really dead? How will Oliver come back this time? If you’re a Batman fan, or really a DC fan in general, you’ve more than likely heard of the Lazarus pit. It is how Ra’s has stayed alive for so many years and has the power to restore life. It seems that over social media there is a two-sided argument. On one hand people say Ollie is dead and that the Lazarus pit is a must. On the other side it is being said that the Lazarus pit is to unstable and would drive Oliver insane. Therefor he isn’t dead just extremely hurt, maybe in a coma. Maybe the Lazarus pit does drive Ollie insane, but after Laurel transforms into Black Canary she plays apart in brining Ollie back from insanity. A good way indeed to rekindle a past love.


After seeing the damage Ra’s inflicted on The Arrow, in my opinion, Oliver is most certainly dead. Not only did he suffer a sword through the chest, he also took a kick off of a cliff courtesy of Ra’s al Ghul. I would say the Lazarus pit is a must and will soon be appearing on Arrow. Not only is it a Ra’s trademark it is realistically the only way Ollie comes back. In line with all of these theories some pretty interesting fan art hit the web. I’ll be honest, I 100% thought “REAL.” After some research my hopes were deflated and my feet returned to the ground. I was not the only one to come across these flawless works. Arrow star Stephen Amell commented on his face book page, “We have very clever fans.” Could this be Amell’s way of confirming the pit? Further down the thread he had even more to say. “Haha. Ya… I’m just giving away spoilers for the show on my page. Have I ever done that? OF COURSE NOT. This is just phenomenal fan art.” Do I detect a little sarcasm? I think so.


There are plenty of theories as to who put’s Ollie in the pit and more often than not people are saying Malcolm. I can see that as Malcolm seeing the fight with Ra’s as a way to prove how much he cares for Thea. Malcolm feels remorse and saves Ollie to take down Ra’s together. Down the other way Ra’s finds out Oliver lied and was innocent in the killing of Sarah Lance. Ra’s puts Oliver in the pit and they both take vengeance on Malcolm Merlyn. Either way I cannot wait for Arrow to get started again next year.

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Source: Facebook(Stephen Amell)

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