Arkham Origins Batman Suit Recreated Using 3D Printing Technology

by Thomas ODonnell
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Awesome 3D printed Batman Arkham Origins Suit!

3D printing has come a long way in a short time. Recently aboard the international space station, astronauts needed a ratcheting wrench, no problem! NASA sent them the plans via e-mail and they made one using the 3D printer aboard. You can read that story here.

Now 3D printing is being used for more exciting things, creating a full on replica of the Arkham Origins Batman costume! Crimson Coscrafts, Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX teamed together to create this awesome replica.‎ has the full story including pictures of the pieces fresh from the printer.

Arkham Origins 3D printed Batman Suit
Arkham Origins
Arkham Origins Figure

Stevie Dee of Crimson Coscrafts privately commissioned the project. Crimson Coscrafts worked on the 3D modeling,  Tundra Designs 3D printed and finished the pieces and  Gauntlet FX provided molding and casting. Stevie Dee of Crimson Crafts had this to say about his choice of color scheme and movability:

“The colours are not the standard issue Arkham Origins, as I wanted to go with the Dark Knight Skin you get at 100% completion. The suit is quite comfy to wear and movement is great. I cant bend at the stomach but I didn’t expect that.”

I spoke with Stevie Dee of Crimson Coscrafts and he revealed two exciting new projects already in the works! What are they? Guess you’ll have to check back with to find out!

Arkham Origins isn’t your thing?  Don’t worry Tundra Designs has other styles available including a Batman “Dawn of Justice” cowl, belt and gauntlets. Pair with Flex Design Costumes Super Suit and Snakepit Studios Body suit to complete your look. Check out the pics below of the completed suit,Prices and availability may vary.

Dawn of Justice
Dawn of Justice
Dawn of Justice
Dawn of Justice
Dawn of Justice
Dawn of Justice blue

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Source:, Tundra Designs

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