Supergirl of upcoming CBS show to possibly appear on “Arrow” and “The Flash”

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Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl

Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl

Flash and Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti made a deal with CBS to develop another DC Comics superhero television show about the Girl of Steel. When he did, he reportedly specified in his contract with CBS that Supergirl would crossover with Berlanti’s other two DC shows on CW. It has not yet been specified if the plan is to introduce Supergirl on Arrow, as was done with Flash, nor has it been confirmed that there will even be any crossover episodes.

Of course, none of this could be possible without CBS and Time Warner owning The CW. Since the two networks share a common link, how will the showrunners begin Supergirl and where will her story arc go? There are rumors of Jimmy Olsen being cast, which begs the question: will they be playing Supergirl from the tip of Superman’s cape? The two characters typically go hand in hand and creating a separate world for Supergirl will be both difficult and crucial for the success of the series. Fans of Supergirl may not want to see a Superman-in-a-skirt kind of show. CBS and Berlanti will have their work cut out for them in taking on the first female superhero TV series since Birds of Prey in 2002.

Supergirl is super badass!

CBS will be using the same casting company used for both Arrow and The Flash, according to Berlanti, which will lead them in the right direction. Both Arrow and The Flash have been very successful shows, so any cues Berlanti and CBS take from their achievements will only help.

Here at DC Comics News, we wish only the best for our superheroes, so we’d like to end on a positive note that we’ll be watching and waiting for Supergirl to emerge in her series debut sometime this year.

Supergirl on CBS

Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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