Review- New Suicide Squad #6

by Kate Kane
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A crazy, action fueled issue of New Suicide Squad as the rag tag team find themselves in deep water. With Reverse Flash getting the team into a bind they are  now pushed to get the job done and get out into time to save their own lives.

4Sean Ryan delivers a rather picture heavy story with most of the panels lacking any great amount of text. Though with 3 separate story-line happening at once, we jump from the behind the scenes government world to the drama filled mission of the suicide crew. It’s not a bad mash up from the action to the serious but I think each should have been split into parts, Sage, Suicide Squad, Waller then back to the Squad. It would have been a more fluent story-line in that case. I was also glad to read Waller having a bit of kick to her character, I’m thoroughly enjoying her new role and how she is portrayed as a strong government female agent, even if slightly on the bad side of things.

3With so many artists thrown into the mix, Rob Hunter, Norm Rapmund and Vicente Cifventes have grabbed this issue by the horns. With the various art styles blending into each other these artists paint a diverse picture splitting the government world form the Suicide world. Blond’s explosive colors punch through the panels with huge splashes of red and blacks contrasted against the lighter more professional palate of the office environments. The clash of scene gives artist a change to mix up designs and draw the characters into the roles they do best.


5Amanda Waller was a shock to me. She has really grown as a character in this series and proves that there are just some women you don’t mess with. Even though most of the issue was about the Squad, it was cool to see the boss in a different light.



7Coupe of hit and misses for the issue as much as the story was fast paced, the lack of dialogue didn’t really balance well. I found that I just skimmed through a lot of the large paneled pages to find the story. Also some of the artwork on The Squad really felt awkward, the faces and movement panels really lacked details and basic anatomy that felt strange to look at, I had to do a double take on one of the Harley panels it just looked that bizarre.


New Suicide Squad delivers chaos and more explosive action than even Harley Quinn can handle. With a looming threat the team are now on the lives for their lives yet again though they have no idea what or whom is about to come after them next.




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