Constantine’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

by Jamie Robinson
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ConstantineNBC’s prime time DC show could soon be at risk for cancellation. While there’s no official word from the network that it has been given the ax, the decision NBC made not to order a back-half to its 13-episode season has left the show hanging in the balance. IGN was recently able to get in touch with network executives, Jennifer Salke (NBC’s president) and Robert Greenblatt (chairman). In response to questions regarding ratings and Constantine’s poor future, Salke replied:
“We wish the show had done better live. It has a big viewership after [it airs] in all kinds of ways and it has a younger audience, but the live number is challenging. It hasn’t come out in the way we wanted it to, but we love the show. I think it’s fair to say we’re still talking about it.”
Part of the reason for low ratings could be due to the fact the first batch of episodes aired on Fridays at 10pm, which is a timeslot infamous for lack of viewers for any network.
Greenblatt thought, on the other hand, that Constantine did not meet its targeted range due to the title character not being as popular as mainstream DC characters.
“We got on the bandwagon of these shows based on comic books and maybe there are too many of them. It’s a popular series of comics, but it’s not The Flash, it’s not Batman. So maybe it suffers a little bit there. But as Jen said, it’s a show we really like. We love Matt Ryan, who’s the star of it. I think we did right by the fans who didn’t like the film that was made of it. The future is still up in the air for that show.”
Now that the show has moved its Friday night timeslot to 8:00/7:00 central, it may attract more viewers.
If you’re a fan of the Constantine, and hope for its continuation, be sure to tune in Friday nights at 8:00 pm ET on NBC.


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