Henry Cavill wants to be Superman for “many, many years to come”

by Roy Ranous
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As we close the distance to March 25, 2016 (the theatrical release of Batman v Superman), people are growing more and more anxious. We want to know what the next thing an actor is going to do, and then the thing after that, and the thing after that. With superhero movie actors, the biggest question is “how long will you play this character?” And that’s a perfectly legitimate question, that will have many different legitimate actors. Michael Keaton left Batman because Tim Burton wasn’t going to be directing the third film in the franchise (but he was credited as executive producer).

But now we’re in the age of superhero franchise films. Even just one comic book-based intellectual property made into a franchise will earn a film company at least $1 billion. There’s plenty of money to be made. What actor wouldn’t want a piece of that action? Thanks to the success of franchises like The Dark Knight Trilogy, it is now much easier to believe that actors will be able to maintain their character roles for many years.

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman/ Clark Kent in Man of Steel and the upcoming precursor to at least two Justice League films, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, looks like he might be in it for the long haul.

“I love the character. I love working with Warner Bros. and what they’re doing with it, and so fingers crossed I’ll be able to tell the story for many, many years to come.”

Dawn of Justice is the official beginning of the new DC Cinematic Universe, and is loaded with characters we’re going to be seeing on the silver screen for the next five years.

Check out The Anglophile Channel’s interview clip with Cavill below.


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Source – The Anglophile Channel via ComicBook.com

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