Jared Leto says, “Batman is Dead”

by Julian Bartlett

joker52In the upcoming Suicide Squad movie Jared Leto will be taking the reigns as the Clown Prince of Crime. After the dominant performance by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight it seems that Leto has some pretty big shoes to fill. Recently in a simple reply to a fan, Leto has thrown the DC Universe fan base into a frenzy.

On the live video streaming service VyRT a fan said to Leto that, “You’re reminding me of Batman, unseen hero!” Leto casually replied, “Batman is dead.”

With such a statement the internet was sent into chaos. Will Bats really be dead? Is the Joker the one to finish the job? In all likelihood Leto was just blowing smoke. In my opinion it sounds as though it’s more of a “Here I come” type of statement. This will be a potentially career changing role for Leto. It makes the most since that he is expressing that Batman better watch out. There is a new Joker in town and he is ready to burn Gotham to the ground.


With the Suicide Squad film being set in the same universe as Batman vs. Superman it just doesn’t make sense that Bats would be dead. Also, it is still up in the air as to if the Dark Knight will even appear in the upcoming movie or not. If Batman were to be utilized I don’t see it being more than a few minutes of screen time. This will be a movie about Task Force X, not Batman. I’m sure a few will be disappointed just like they were after viewing the animated feature Assault on Arkham.

Suicide_Squad_0028 (1)

Jared Leto will bring his Joker to the big screen alongside Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Will Smith (Deadshot), Jai Courtney (Capt. Boomerang), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), and Viola Davis playing team leader Amanda Waller. Tom Hardy announced his departure from the film a few days ago due to “scheduling conflicts.” According to CinemaBlend the real reason for Hardy leaving was a dislike of the final script. Mostly the fact the Leto and Smith’s screen time was beefed up.

Suicide Squad will be coming August 5, 2016

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Source: CB & CinemaBlend


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