What is Sinceriously?


Arrow star Stephen Amell has started a new campaign to get people talking. After the success of his work on the F*ck Cancer project he wanted to see what else he could do. F*ck Cancer has raised millions of dollars and has helped to alert and get a younger generation involved in beating this disease early. The best way to explain Amell’s new Sinceriously campaign is that it is a new and fun way to get people engaging with other people. 

“It’s a campaign to get people talking. And what better way to get people talking than by creating a new word,” says Stephen.

All the proceeds from the sales of shirts and hoodies will go to benefit two deserving charities. Stand for the Silent is a charity dedicated to creating a voice for the millions of children bullied across America every day. Their goal is to end bullying and stop families from having to deal with losing loved ones. The Paws and Stripes organization’s motto is “Vet saves the dog, dog saves the Vet.” Paws and Stripes is a nonprofit that turns rescue dogs into trained service dogs. The newly trained service dog is then paired with a Veteran that is affected by PTSD and TBI. The dog helps the Veteran live an easier and more comfortable life.

Now with over 16,000 shirts sold, Stephen Amell is confident that he can get Sinceriously into the dictionary. With the impressive sales Amell’s confidence is booming. He is 100% that he can make this happen. In a video post on his Facebook page he reads through a list of newly accepted words into the dictionary. The list is so ridiculous that with conviction and a smirk on his face Amell says, “Eventually, Sinceriously is going to get in there.”


To get you hands on some Sinceriously merchandise before it gone visit https://represent.com/sinceriously.

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Source: Facebook (Stephen Amell)