Review – Superman/Wonder Woman #15

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils: Ed Benes, Doug Mahnke

Ink: Ed Benes, Don Ho, Mark Irwin, Jamie Mendoza

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Cover Art: Ken Lashley, Doug Mahnke, Tomeu Morey

smww 001

Superman/Wonder Woman #15  has the pair  come up against a creation of Circe as it is revealed she is behind Magog  and his misplaced hatred of the Supers.

smww 005


The art work as always is just stunning. The expression on Wonder Woman’s face is beautifully illustrated as is the movement of fabrics. The flow of the comic is nice and steady even as it jumps time and makes it a nice easy read.

smww 002


It was very… Typical. Supers meet villain, villain beats supers. Supers fight through and win the fight.

smww 004

Final Thought

This was a very ok-ish issue. It didn’t offer anything that made you go “damn didn’t see that coming” or “oh hell yes!” It had a feeling of filler crossed with a prolonged entrance of a villain.


Superman really didn’t contribute to this issue and may as well not been there at all. Not that I’m complaining I like seeing Wonder Woman in the lead especially as lately a lot of controversy revolving around DC and the attitudes on “women in comics” on the pages, behind the inks and in merchandising  have been in focus this past 12 months. It just seemed like he was there to “supervise.”


The image of Wonder Woman being dragged by the hair and Superman over the shoulder did actually make me grit my teeth as I would have liked Wonder Woman over the shoulder and Superman by the back of his outfit, it gave off a bit of a sexist vibe. Too many times do we see women in comic unconscious and being dragged by some beefcake by her hair and just feels passive aggressive symbolism that a woman will be put into the “me big cave man, you woman, me dominate you” position.

smww 003