Flash Ending is Best Yet

If you did not watch tonight’s episode of The Flash DO NOT continue on due to epic spoilers that will surely blow your mind.


Up until tonight my favorite moment on The Flash has been the charge between Barry and Reverse-Flash on the football field. In a matter of seconds that all changed. Tonight on The Flash the after-credit sequence was hands down the greatest moment of comic book TV so far. Not being a reviewer for DCN I won’t delve to deep. I will say this week was some what of a filler episode for the gang in Central City. All good shows have episodes to pass the week. Very little new plot information is released and when it is, it’s presented more as a B story line. More was discussed about Ronnie and Dr. Stein and a new villain was introduced. Other than Linda Park, this episode was a little slow. Up until the final minutes that is.


The Flash’s end scenes have come to be my favorite part of 70% of the episodes. Today it was the best part by a long shot. The darkness fades to show two guards with flashlights searching around what looks like a sewer tunnel. As they approach a single gate, they light up the walls to reveal the word “GRODD” scratched all over. They exchange confused looks and continue to search. After hearing a few disturbing noises they turn around and things get crazy. Gorilla Grodd, big and intimidating, makes his full-fledged debut on The Flash. I know he is seen prior to the reactor explosion, but it was nothing like this.


Without going into too much detail, Grodd rips the guards apart. The last thing you see is a guard clinging to a wall for dear life before Grodd pulls him out of sight. Seeing Gorilla Grodd come to life was amazing. It certainly didn’t look like I was watching a show on The CW. No way could Smallville have pulled off something of this magnitude so many years ago. What is to come next for Grodd? I cannot wait to see. For a second I completely forgot about Reverse-Flash and the Rogues soon coming together. This is a big step forward for this new onslaught of super hero TV shows. I didn’t think I could be into The Flash anymore than I was, but tonight proved otherwise.


Catch next week’s episode of The Flash Feb. 10 at 8/7c on The CW

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