Some answers have finally been revealed in this week’s Injustice. With Mister Mxyzptlk added to the line-up, our team leader Superman and Batman are losing grip of the chaos that they have created.

3Brain Buccellato is continuing the plot twists for yet another issue as the mystery of Spectre’s secret identity is revealed. I do love the conversations that come out of these characters and how it’s worked nicely between both internal and external dialogue that cross the panels into each other. Though Buccellato does bring back a series note to this issue as I think that both sides are losing control in the all-out brawl that has become the main focus of this story.  However I am enjoying that both teams are now getting some spotlight time forcing the story not to be too one sided.

4Mike. S Miller and Rex Lokus tackle this week’s issue continuing the dynamic artwork for the series. Miller goes it alone bring these characters to life while Lokus smashes out the colors washing the pages in strong yellows and red that turn into the dark hues of blacks blues and greens. I just love how colorful these pages always are and they really catch my eye every time I see the comic on the shelves.


5The addition of Mister Mxyzptlk’s secret identity was a good twist to reveal in this issue.  I don’t personally know this little character but he seems to be causing Superman more trouble than help which shakes the constant fighting up nicely. And can I also point out that Batwoman dropped Superman! Oh my god I totally loved it and the fact Catwoman looked like she was having too much fun tying up Wonder Woman. I think those two panels just cinched the whole issue for me.


2I have to point this out but in some panels it looks like someone has scooped out parts of Wonder Woman’s head. The pencilling just missed the mark a few times when it came to the amazon, having such large panels like this in the issue did those flaws no favours. They were very visible and made me question how no one saw these.


Injustice turns the tables again on everyone as it seems the two teams are in equal amounts of trouble. Will the fight continue or will a temporary truce fall into play while the plants begin to consume them. Stay tuned to see who manages to escape next.




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