David Ramsey Speculates on John Diggle/John Stewart.

by Wes Whitfield
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Arrow fans have been speculating that popular character John Diggle could actually be the Green Lantern John Stewart. Now in an interview with ComicBook.com actor David Ramsey has weighed in saying he would be up for playing the Green Lantern.

During the interview Ramsey revealed that there has been some discussion behind the scenes on Arrow about the possibility of revealing John Diggle to be John Stewart. Unfortunately, Ramsey also stated that while there has been some consideration of the idea he can’t give a definitive yes or no. He claims that those involved with the Arrow series have told him they are “working on something”. However, citing how big such news would be Ramsey says that he has also been kept in the dark about what exactly is planed for Diggle.

“I do know that there is serious discussion about whether or not this guy becomes John Stewart. But, I mean, I’ll say this: it is top secret…. I think they don’t want anybody to know yet and they haven’t even told me. They have told me that they are thinking about it and they are considering it.”

He did, however, state that he would be honoured to play the green themed hero, describing John Stewart as “awesome”. Ramsey also mentioned being honoured at the inclusion of Diggle in the DC canon.

Ramsey also pondered if GL was introduced to the show how his thought based powers would fit in the grounded and realistic Arrow universe. Though given the Flash and more recently the Atom have both been introduced to that universe it doesn’t seem like that would necessarily be a problem.

Either way Ramsey did confirm that those behind Arrow are “working on something”. Whether that something is the introduction of Green Lantern or something else entirely remains to be seen.

Sources: ign.com & comicbook.com

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