Review: Grayson #7

by Matthew Lloyd
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Grayson #7. Writer- Tim Seeley, Plot- Tim Seeley & Tom King, Artist- Stephen Mooney, Colorist- Jeromy Cox, Cover- Mikel Janin.

Grayson 7 Batman

“I have a reputation to uphold. And if I get sentimental I run the risk of no longer frightening the superstitious and cowardly lot.” Has there ever been a more revealing quote by the Batman? Though, Grayson #7 only features the Dark Knight on one page, it reveals what has been so good about the title- character. In this issue this extends to all the characters- Dick of course, Helena, Midnighter and the mysterious Gardener whom we met last issue.

Grayson 7 Splash

The book opens with Helena flying a Spyral jet into Jordanian airspace as she is on the way to Israel to stop the Fist of Cain terrorist organization from unleashing a “Madbomb,” (Captain America #193, anyone) at a peace rally. Meanwhile, Dick is still being held by The Gardener and Midnighter.

Grayson 7 Evil Band

“But someone came to my rescue. He caught me before I hit the ground. He was my net.” With these words, and more, Dick convinces Gardener to let him go and he and Midnighter enter the fray at the free concert at the peace rally in Tel-Aviv as they search for the Fist of Cain. They find Helena and together bring down the Fist of Cain who have been undercover all along as the rock band performing at the rally.

Grayson 7 Brain

“I can’t work for someone whose agenda trumps everything else including the lives of innocents.” This quote from Midnighter gives a little more insight into his mind and we get a better understanding of his character.

Grayson 7 Midnighter

There are a couple of dangling points that are left open that leave us wanting more…

1. Helena’s forgotten passionate kiss with Dick in the midst of the turmoil.
2. Minos lying about being onsite at the rally.

Grayson 7 Dick Helena Kiss                                                          Grayson 7 Minos





Character, character, character. This drives the stories and makes them engaging beyond the thrill of the action. The cover- not a full on homage, but it certainly it recalls Frank Frazetta doing John Carter of Mars or Conan the Barbarian. While not a one and done issue, Seeley and King continue to pace the book so that new readers can jump on easily. The character work also makes it an ideal book for new readers.

Grayson 7 Cover

The Negatives

Not a lot of negatives here. Perhaps, Mikel Janin is missed, but Stephen Mooney is a quality fill in. While clearly not Janin, his layouts and overall design sense make for a good storytelling.

The Verdict

The creative team is producing a quality book every month. The character moments are outstanding and connect the reader to Dick and company. More often than not Grayson feels familiar, despite being a different direction for the character and set in the New 52.

What’re they going to do with that brain anyway?


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