Injustice is a power packed issue with the mid fight only heating up. With both teams at each other’s throats the only thing left is for mother nature’s hand to break up the chaos.

1Brain Buccellato heads up a very artwork heavy issue this week with not too much talking and far more fighting. It wasn’t the most consistent issue with a few holes been left open to the story line. Unfortunately with battle heavy issues, the dialogue falls back into large chunks and internal dialogue though he manages to throw in some hilarious comments from Harley and Huntress. The story is taking a familiar turn but I’m not sure if using Swamp thing was really a necessary part to the plot line in the issue. I feel he’s come at the wrong time and really doesn’t offer much resistance to the teams. Perhaps time will tell on his mysterious appearance.

2Pete Woods and Rex Lokus just shine with these giant page panels. They have so much room to move during battles and capture the dramatic scenes with so much flair. I love these huge pages of bold colors and amazing suits from the superheros. This is exactly what DC is all about and it’s the subtle touches of magic and blood spats that really just enhance the fighting in the issue. I will confess I’m a huge fan of the supersuits, call me bias, but they are a cosplayers dream.


3Oh my god go Kate! She’s really been taking down the whole load of them. That’s a woman on a mission right there as she just keeps sweeping the field. This is exactly what a bat related to the original Batman should be like. She powerful, witty and lives up to the family name. I’m so glad to see that Batman’s team is predominantly female and it shows just how great these ladies are when they join for the same cause even including Harley.


5Wow big flaw in the story this week unfortunately. First off how did Ares come back? Last we saw he was lying on the ground dead! That really had me puzzled and I thought it was a huge miss in the continuity of plot line. Also the same problem happens with Renee Montoya, in the last issue she was nowhere to be seen during the fight and now all of a sudden she is dealing with Hal. I know it’s hard to keep track of so many characters but this is just too much of an obvious connection break.


The Injustice war rages on with Superman still holding the upper hand in the fight ahead. Though secret plans are forged by both teams whose ace card will prevail in the end? Stay tuned to see if Superman keeps his top spot or if Batmans mysterious team will pull the rug out from under him.




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