Suicide Squad: Not the Usual Suspects

The DC offering New Suicide Squad has been a fun read from the start. The action packed series will be undergoing a severe change in June. Throughout the run Task Force-X has seen its fair share of amusing and lethal faces. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang have all been regulars for Amanda Waller over the years. When DC relaunched the title a few newcomers were added to the roster. Black Manta, Deathstroke, and even the Joker’s Daughter made appearances. Come April when Convergence hits, the DCU will be thrown into chaos. In the aftermath of the event it looks like the squad will look a whole lot different.

Issue #9 of New Suicide Squad was revealed on the Channel 52 promo page and the line-up is not the usual suspects. Writer Sean Ryan and artist Carlos D’Anda will be showcasing a brand new Task Force-X. Parasite, Black Hand, Poison Ivy, Cheetah, and the Court of Owls’ Talon are all on the team. Reverse-Flash is also a member of the new team. However Reverse-Flash did participate in a mission alongside Boomerang, Manta, Harley, and a horde of ninja Manbats in previous issues.


Being an avid fan of the series as a whole I’m torn. On one hand I am going to miss the series regulars. The tension between Deadshot and Boomerang is always well written and fun. The Waller and Deadshot dynamic will be a loss. Really Deadshot has always been the mainstay and without him it will be interesting. On the other hand I’m extremely excited to see the new team in action. All the fresh faces open up quite a few opportunities to play with not only new storylines but new heroes. Batman is always a threat for the Suicide Squad but now Cheetah and Parasite are on board. A Wonder Woman  and a Superman villain are now accounted for. Could this possibly lead to a Trinity vs. Suicide Squad story?

If you don’t read New Suicide Squad I suggest you go get it now. It is one of the better New 52 reads and it isn’t to far in.

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Source: Newsarama