A chest-grinding, bloodcurdling issue of Injustice this week as the losses only continue. The powerful battle of superheroes now takes its toll as super powers are now played for weapons of destruction.

1Brian Buccellato has made me gasp all over again as this week’s story has absolutely been thrown out the window. I was shocked at the sudden twist, and as much as I knew more casualties were on the way, I didn’t expect to see Huntress catching Wonder Woman’s wrath. This is just the pivotal impression that Buccellato was going for as the series only now beefs up its carnage in the battle of the world. As one leaves, one enters with the introduction of Poison Ivy. It was another interesting change in the stories pace and only leaves the door open to see what the botanical woman can do for the playing field not to mention what Harley will do if she gets hurt.

4Juan Albarran, Bruno Redondo and Rex Lokus have blown me away with the artwork in this issue. Each facial expression pulled at my heart strings, from the forlorn looks exchanged between Dick and Batman to the gasping dying breaths of Huntress, and the venomous anger in Batwoman’s eyes. Each panel just had my eyes begging for more as each panel delivered giant movements and actions. It just had so much packed into the story that I can’t believe these guys captured as much as they did in the few pages they had.


3WOW! All I have to say is oh my god that story did a double back flip on all its readers. I think I loved pretty much everything in the issue and even the part with Dick Grayson as his love for Batman had me choking back tears. The introduction of Ivy was a huge thumbs up, we already had Catwoman and Harley in the story and it’s great that we now have the last piece to the Gotham Sirens. I must applaud the story so much even if Huntress has had a tragic moment this is what readers want, suspense and shock that will only make them hungry for more.


6Why Huntress why!!! I finally had a book with all three of my favourites in it and now she’s gone! I know people have to go but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the panel. I definitely did not see it coming. Also I’m rather puzzled why Dr. Fate and Constantine are staying out of the fighting? It seems like they are just using the rest of Superman’s team as excuse not to get involved.


Injustice throws us into the deep end as now the battle becomes personal and Superman’s team now begins to unravel. Who will triumph before the mighty demon decides the burn everything to the ground?