Jim Lee Talks ‘The Multiversity: Mastermen’

by Wes Whitfield
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In a fresh interview with DC All Access legendary comic book artist Jim Lee talked about his work on the latest issue of The Multiversity, Mastermen #1.

The recently released Mastermen 1# is the latest chapter in Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity and features a Superman found and raised not by the kindly Kents, but by Hilter. The story takes place on Earth X, an Earth in which the Nazis won World War II, and in true Grant Morrison style explores what happens to a world and its heroes after six decades under a totalitarian regime.

In an interview with DC All Access Jim Lee explains some of the process that went into creating the Mastermen, Earth X’s version of the Justice League.

Lee reveals how Grant Morrison had planned in depth details for the design of not only the characters but the world as a whole (hardly a surprise given Morrison’s creative history) and how that influenced his own work on the book.

“When he imagines this world he has ideas of what the Mastermen logo was in the fifties, the sixties, the seventies. I mean that’s the kind of depth that you get. He really thinks through the implications of what would happen if fascism won and you had this totalitarian state throughout the world…”

He also offers up some of his favourite parts of the book and questions why he was chosen to work on the project in the first place, jokingly stating that he “must be the guy to go to for fascist superhero stories.”


Check out the full interview here.


Source: DC Entertainment.

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