Teen Titans GO! Gets Serious

by Roemello Mckay
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The Young Justice team urges the Teen Titans to get serious in next week’s episode fittingly titled “Let’s Get Serious.”

Shrouded Titans

The episode features the Teen Titans of Teen Titans GO! butting heads with some of the young heroes from the popular Young Justice animated series, which was also a part of Cartoon Network’s short-lived DC Nation lineup.In a manner of speaking, Young Justice and Teen Titans GO! have been butting heads since Young Justice was taken off the air after its explosive season 2 finale, to be replaced by Teen Titans GO!.

Fans were naturally upset at the cancellation of this wildly popular animated series but now it seems that the Young Justice team is going to be paying a visit to Jump City for a little bit of payback.

You can check out the two clips from the episode below:




Source(s): Newsarama

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