Warner Bros. and LEGO Artist to Produce DC Comics Art Exhibit

by Thomas ODonnell
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Warner Bros. partners with renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya for traveling DC Comics art exhibit!

The studio has turned to LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya to produce the show. “The Art of the Brick: DC Comics” will feature Sawaya’s interpretations of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Flash and more as sculptures. “The Art of the Brick: DC Comics” will also feature representations of the vehicles and environments related to the above mentioned characters all made of LEGO bricks.

The artist has worked with Warner Bros. before on superhero LEGO displays of Superman, Batman and Catwoman for Comic Con International and other locations.

LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya

LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya

His famous “The Art of the Brick” show has been touring the world over since 2007. His work has been seen in museums in North America, Australia and Europe and is currently on display through six separate exhibits touring simultaneously.

Viewers of last Sunday’s Academy Awards show would have seen Sawaya’s LEGO Oscar statuettes that were given to celebrities during the ceremony as part of the “Everything is Awesome” performance, a song that was nominated from ” The LEGO Movie.” The 20 LEGO Oscar statues were made using 500 bricks each.

Nathan Sawaya had this to say about the project:

“This is an amazing opportunity as an artist to be granted the privilege to bring the pages of DC Comics to life and to interpret some of the most famous and iconic characters in history, I look forward to bringing these characters to life in new ways that uniquely fit the medium.”

He also said:

“It will be fun to take the world’s greatest superheroes and the world’s greatest toy and do something with an artistic eye and see what happens, It’s a privilege to be invited to do it and exciting to take on a project like this through my own unique style.”

Warner Bros. worked with DC Entertainment to develop the show, which will launch this Fall and embark on its worldwide tour.

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Source: Variety


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