DCN Hits 1 Million Views


The staff and I at DCN could not be happier. With the support of our fans we have hit a landmark today. Dccomicsnews.com had its one millionth view only minutes ago. If you are an owner or participant in running a website, you can appreciate the time and effort it takes to run them. Our phenomenal Owner Damian Fasciani, our director Roy A. Ranous, Head of Reviews Joey Garces, and Assistant Editor Eric Joseph pour a ton of time and effort into making this fan-run site happen. Our wonderful staff writers and review team strive everyday to bring the DCU fans up to date and breaking news surrounding DC comics. We love our team!



None of this could have happened without you, the fans. You keep us working hard and trying to bring you the latest news and reviews first. A specific shout out to a few loyal fans that always leave comments and support. Thank you mbradleyc, xfoxylicious., Samuel Sobral, Natalie Walsh, Trey Mcknight, Shiva, Alix Thomas, Nuuni Nuunani, Terry Marvin, Quaisha A. Thornton and all the others that I missed that flood our page day in and day out.

One last very special thanks is necessary. Our leader and proprietor Matt Galvin recently decided to hand the keys over to Damian and take on other challenges in life. His efforts are much appreciated in getting DCN on its feet. Without Mr. Galvin there would be no DCN. So from not only the fans, but from the whole DCN staff, thank you Matt for putting something together for all of us to care about.

In 2015 we will strive to be the best we can be, and bring you the best content and user experience. 2015 will also be an important point in our history to date, with a very important change that is coming. Stay tuned because when it hits, it will be huge!

Any fan feedback would be greatly appreciated. What would you like to see in the future? What characters and story arc’s would you liked to see praised/grilled? We look forward to bringing you your DC news tomorrow and well into the future.

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Thank You to all of our Fans!!!